NZ Housing Foundation

The Housing Foundation is very grateful for the generous support of the Ted Manson Foundation which has been utilised to promote the core work we do.

The $100k we have been given has been used to raise the profile of our work to relieve poverty by providing affordable housing for low income working households across New Zealand. Many hard working low income families stuck in the rental poverty trap, had given up hope of ever owning a home. We have specifically used the money to create and target messages, videos and communication at this group to inform them of the choices they have available to them through our products and services.

We facilitate access to affordable and sustainable housing in mixed integrated communities by delivering pathways, choices and access to a greater range of affordable housing options.

We act as a catalyst for the provision of housing development projects that promote innovative, sustainable housing solutions to meet affordable housing needs.

We turn hope into home ownership.

Paul Gilberd
General Manager Strategy and Development