Waitakere Rugby Club

On behalf of the Waitakere Rugby Club we want to pass on our most sincere thanks for ongoing support you have and continue to provide for our rugby club. Our aim as a rugby club is to promote participation in the sport of rugby and provide a positive on and off field environment that people want to be apart of.

One of the highlights of the sevens tournament was the Ted Manson Foundation supported 'Wolfpack' girls and boy's rugby sevens teams from Glen Eden Primary School. They looked amazing in their uniforms and continued to improve in regard to their play, evolve as a team and impress with their attitude. The evolution of a girls' team continues the trend that sees woman’s involvement in the game of rugby increasing and we are very keen to continue to support this participation and growth.

We also want to thank you for your financial support to those members of our community who cannot afford to pay the rugby subscription fees. Your kind offer to pay the subscriptions for up to 40 players in 2019 cannot be underestimated in respect to the difference it will make to these families.

Mark Harris
Chairman Waitakere Rugby Club