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The Ted Manson Foundation supports both
local grassroots community groups and
larger national organizations which includes
longer term initiatives. These include:

The Ted Manson Foundation supports both local grassroots community groups and larger national organizations which includes longer term initiatives. These include:

Support community

St John Ambulance

Founded in 1877, the Government fund just under 70% of the direct operating costs of the SJA. This means SJA have to rely on charity-fundraising to raise the balance, around $40 million PA in Auckland only. A single Ambulance alone fully fitted out costs over $220,000. The TMF is proud to support this iconic institution and has therefore committed $1 million to purchase 4 Ambulances, over a 4 year period, the first $250,000 paidin 2019.

St John Ambulance

The auckland city mission

The ACM provides unique and specialized health and social services to marginalized Aucklanders.

Construction is underway on building the City Missions new headquarters, named “HOMEGROUND”. This new purpose built, Housing and Social Services building will included 80 apartments providing shelter and costing $90 million, completion date 2020.

The TMF is proud to be involved with HOMEGROUND so to help with costs, has committed $500,000 over 5 year, with the first $200,000 already donated.

The auckland city mission

Vision west community trust

Vision West is a Community Housing Provider that exists to end homelessness, reduce poverty, support the elderly, and give young people hope. VW recognized a serious gap in Housing for youth. The TMF understand this Housing issue, so to help have donated $120,000 to VW’s Youth Housing project.

Vision west community trust

New Zealand housing foundation

The NZ Housing Foundation is a Community Housing Provider, committed to helping low income and disadvantaged households into affordable Housing which they provide and build. They are also committed to helping manage their finances and building strong Communities and Futures. The TMF donated $100,000 in 2018 and is proud to be associated with the work the NZHF does.

50 x 12 Seater vans in 10 years

Through engagement with our community, it was identified by the foundation that lower decile Auckland based schools had significantly reduced access to transportation options. This impacted on the school’s ability to enrich their curriculum and enhance learning experiences and youth development outside of the classroom. It is integral for schools to be able to cater for different student’s needs, and learning outcomes. The foundation has been proud to provide two vans to Glen Eden Primary and one van to Mayfield Primary in Otara in the hope that it will provide students with easy access to a greater range of teaching and learning experiences that complement and enhance student learning. The vans are managed by the schools but are also available to specific community groups and organisations for activities and outings which are in accordance with the purpose outlined in the community agreements. The foundation is currently looking at what other schools and areas could benefit from such an arrangement and is aiming to provide 50 vans in the next 10 years.

50 x 12 Seater vans in 10 years

Waitakere Rugby Club

We are extremely thankful for the ongoing use of your Ted Manson Foundation vans to support our various rugby teams through the Junior and Senior rugby space. The challenges of getting players to rugby games has always been an ongoing challenge for our coaches and managers who mostly assume this responsibility personally.

Scientist & philanthropist
sir ray avery’s nutritional bars

Under development for 10 years and named the Amigo bar. It is like a muesli bar but highly enriched with vitamins, amino acids, micronutrients and proteins. Many children in NZ are malnourished and suffer from mental and physical development. The TMF has provided $120,000 to date to develop and produce the Amigo bar. Distribution will start in 2019 in low decile schools in Auckland and Wellington.

Scientist & philanthropist sir ray avery’s nutritional bars

Glen eden primary school

The foundation have purchased two quality 12 seater vans for the schools and non-profit groups in the area to use. This has been hugely beneficial for all of our tamariki. Having the vans has meant that we have been able to reduce transport costs and has given our students the opportunity to attend many more events. The vans have been used by our other local schools and have been nearly fully booked every day.

The foundation has established a positive working relationship with Glen Eden Primary School (‘GEPS’) which is part of the tight knit community of Glen Eden and plays an integral part in shaping our younger generation. Through discussions with GEPS and other primary schools in this area the foundation is looking to encourage children in the participation of sport, with a focus on those who might otherwise not be able to access or afford it. The foundation proudly supported a GEPS sevens team in 2018 and a total of forty placements in the Waitakere Rugby Club holiday programme.

The TMF has also donated a new playground worth $120,000 to the school which is due for completion in September. Though the existing playground is fairly dated an upgrade or replacement has always been cost prohibitive for the school. With the students being part of the design process the playground will prove a great addition to the school.


A lot of Ted’s early research into the needs of those less well off happened in Manurewa. This is where Ted spent many hours in meetings with SYF’s, Manurewa Police and a Youth Detention Centre.

When Manurewa Plunket approached Ted for funding for their Kindergarten, due to his connection with Manurewa, he was more than happy to help. A $75,000 donation was given to help upgrade the Plunket rooms, provide a new Industrial Kitchen which is complete, and a new playground, now under construction.


The Auckland westpac rescue helicopter

The AWRH is an Emergency Air Ambulance staffed by pilots, paramedics and crewman which undertakes over 1,000 missions every year. It is for this reason the TMF is delighted to provide support to the Westpac Trust helicopter and in 2019, donated $57,500.