Auckland City Mission HomeGround

From comforting shell-shocked soldiers in the great wars and helping people living with HIV and AIDS, to proactively managing the homeless problem in our city and caring for those individuals who have nobody left to turn to – Auckland City Mission is proud to be on the front line.

The Ted Manson Foundation has recognised that the Mission has a history of forward thinking. Their answer has been decades in the making with construction now underway on building their new headquarters named HOMEGROUND. From 2020, when their new home will be ready, they will transform the City Mission not only for the good of our city, but for countless human lives, in the process. Offering hope, Community and proactive help.

The new City Mission centre is unlike anything anywhere in the world. From idea and ambition, to services and layout, it’s been carefully planned, painstakingly designed, and shaped by world best practice.

The Auckland City Mission would like to take this opportunity to thank the Ted Manson Foundation for their extremely generous $500,000 donation to the HomeGround project.

Mandy Mee
HomeGround Campaign Manager