Key to Life

At KTL we’re about normalising the inner-critic - the voice inside all of our heads that has second-guessing everything we do, the voice of doubt that beats us up and tells us we’re failures, that we’re substandard, and even worthless. Having an over active inner critic is not a sign of mental illness in fact it’s a sign that a person is perfectly normal. Our job is to let the people of Aoteoroa know that dealing with our, the inner-critic is something all of us experience everyday of our lives. We see it as our job to tell our people that opening up and talking about the things that scare and worry them, will help make a significant difference to the well-being of New Zealand.

We are so appreciative of the generous donation of $100,000 from The Ted Manson Foundation. This significant sum is going to help fund several areas of the Key To Life Charitable Trust which are integral to making sure we can continue to travel around the country and let our kids know it’s okay for them to put their hands up and ask for help when things get tough.

Mike King - New Zealander of the Year 2019