Vison West

Thank-you so much for the donation of $120,000 to kick start our Youth Housing Project.

Youth Housing has been an area that Vision West has been wanting to explore further for many years, finding ways to solve what is a growing problem in our nation.

With Government lifting the age of responsibility for young people coming out of state care from 16 yrs to 17-24 yrs the timing could not be more perfect. We are now in the final stages of putting together a pilot from which we hope will lead to developing a multi-year trial that will evidence the results of better outcomes for at risk youth that can be freely shared across Aotearoa.

We trust that as we continue to step into this space we can be part of a positive solution that will stop many youth falling into long term homelessness; shifting the focus from an expensive ambulance at the bottom of the cliff to a positive intervention before they fall.

The boost of your donation has enabled us to move from talk to walk/exploration and we are learning more in this space with every passing week.

James Widgery
General Manager